Wellness exams

Clinicians can offer physical examinations for many reasons. Some patients need one for peace of mind, just to see whether they are as well as they can be. These wellness exams are a golden standard of healthcare, providing patients with the needed screenings and check-ups to ensure they are in the best condition. In addition, Crescent Clinic can give physicals to help meet other needs. We offer physical exams for students who need one for enrollment, and we provide sports physicals as well, meeting all the medical requirements that a student might need. Lastly, there are physicals that are required for the workplace. Whether it’s a simple pre-enrollment examination or a professional chauffeur physical, the exams are designed to protect you as a patient along with the people you work with.

Crescent Clinic is well-equipped to test patients for a number of needs. With our medical professionals checking you for work readiness or simple physical well-being, you’ll be set to begin the next day with the knowledge of how healthy you really are. A periodic update on your vision, your hearing, your blood pressure, and other vital information is key to providing you with a physical that makes a difference. When we gather all the information we need, you’ll be up to date and ready to work or play! Contact us now to get your physical scheduled today, so you’ll know you’re healthy and prepared for anything.

Occupational Health Services
Sports Physical Exam – $25
**DEAL** Sports physical with signed paperwork

School Enrollment Physical – $45
Physical exam with signed paperwork

Wellness Exam (Female) – $185*
Physical exam with labs: Pap Smear, Lipid Profile, Comprehensive Panel, CBC

Wellness Exam (Male) – $175*
Physical exam with labs: PSA, Lipid Profile, Comprehensive Panel, CBC

Pre-employment physical – $50+
Physical Exam and completed paperwork

Chauffeur physical – $45
Physical Exam and completed paperwork

*Prices subject to change according to lab fee changes. Contact us for the most up-to-date prices.