Occupational Health

What is Occupational Health?

No matter where it is, the workplace is always full of hazards and health concerns. The office, the factory, the yard; it doesn’t matter. There’s work to be done, and there are workers who need knowledge of how to navigate the workplace properly and without causing injury to themselves or others. However, it’s one thing to approach the ins and outs of safety and occupational health for yourself. It’s quite another to do so for an entire team or to ensure that the one giving the needed medical attention is a professional in the field. Employers often must deal with much more than just the health and safety of their working team. But with these professionals, they know that their workers are receiving the utmost in healthcare.

Occupational health encompasses run-of-the-mill employer practices such as screenings, physical exams, and physical therapy. In addition, it includes healthcare services in the event of more urgent or seasonal medical needs, such as caring for work injuries, maintaining and assisting workers with work-related illnesses, and providing immunizations for workers to keep them at the top of their game. Whether it’s now or later, every workplace has needs for medical professionals to help the team stay safe and in good health. It’s important to have the resources available to keep health at the forefront of everything an employer does. Preparing every coworker before returning on the job with a physical exam may be necessary; it may even be prudent to take a drug screen before actually hiring in some departments. There’s even precedent for the need of some work-related medical specialists for the treatment of specific injuries. All of those needs can be met with a healthcare provider that offers occupational health services!
What is Occupational Health?

Our Approach

In Columbia, SC, Crescent Clinic is at your side. You can provide your employees with the working conditions that best help them to perform well with confidence in your workplace. In an office or in a yard, the best employees are the ones who are safe and healthy. Some workplaces often require standard and regular physicals, while others mandate vaccinations or drug tests in order to allow an employee to work there. We can help employers get these things done by offering occupational health services such as assistance with workplace injuries and immunizations of various kinds to protect your workforce from disease. We also employ physical exams that may be required regularly or on occasion for your team, and we are trained to operate on injuries affected by workers’ compensation and other various workplace laws.

With our team working for you, your employees’ medical records will be safely managed and discreetly handled between each worker individually. We will work to make sure that each worker understands the safety needs required of them before they return to the job, and we will refer anyone who may require extra attention, handling the medical documentation related to the workplace for you. However, we don’t just take care of the workers; we also take care of you! We can serve as a sounding board for any health concerns or questions you may have as an employer. We offer expert medical advice for these instances to ensure that you are leading your team with all the knowledge available to keep everyone aboard safe and healthy. Whatever the work is, we care only about the health of every worker!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will you handle workers’ compensation injuries?
Our clinic is trained to handle all kinds of work-related injuries, mild to severe; that includes ones that fall under the jurisdiction of the workers’ compensation eligibility. To ensure that we have all the facts straight, we will require accurate testimony of the injury and how it occurred. The injury or illness that did occur in the workplace may be eligible for such actions as workers’ compensation, upon further deliberation. Regardless, we are prepared to document the injury as we treat, and we can ensure that the employee is given all the healthcare they need to return to the job when they’re able!

Is my information safe with an occupational health clinic?
Like any medical facility, your medical information is your own, and your information will not be divulged to your work superiors except in the event of a required drug screen or a physical exam, in which case the information will relay whether you have passed or failed the screening or exam. The information that is personal to you, though, will remain confidential, just like any other medical center. The way we do business is highly professional!

Can you only treat work-related injuries and illnesses?
We are not limited to treating only injuries or illnesses that are incurred over the course of your work period. We also can treat workers for a number of other issues, including injuries and illnesses that have been incurred outside the work premises. These instances can be treated, but will not qualify for workers’ compensation. However, in the event of a severe or contagious condition, we can provide you with a note to relieve you from duty at work for a standard amount of time. We can keep you from suffering while you work by offering that recovery period as needed!

Why does my company need occupational health?
Like all employers, you have employees that have to perform tedious actions or compromise their health and safety in certain ways for pay. With occupational health, you can mitigate the risk that your workers incur by providing healthcare professionals who can prepare them for the job, as well as treat them for work-related injuries that may occur. It’s important to ensure that your employees have the best help available to them, otherwise, when something goes wrong, they won’t be able to work for a long time and may wind up experiencing prolonged suffering from an injury or illness they received while at work. By providing occupational health services to your workers, you also ensure that your risks go down in the event of such an injury or illness. Protect yourself and your workers!



DOT/CDL Physical Exam – $85
NRCME certified exam with laminated DOT medical card.

Pre-employment Physical – $45
Physical exam with signed paperwork

DOT Urine Drug Testing – $55
DOT-certified providers available Mon-Fri 8 am-5 pm

Instant Non-DOT Drug Testing – $45
10 panel urine drug test

DOT Breath Alcohol Testing – $45
Breath Alcohol Testing performed by DOT-certified technician.

Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Testing – $45
Pre-employment Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Testing

CAOHC-Certified Hearing Testing – $45
Copy of audiogram included

Eye exam by Certified Ophthalmologist – $85
Dr. Dean R. Jacobs comes to our clinic to provide this service on an appointment basis. Call ahead for your detailed eye exam!

PPD Test – $30
Tests for exposure to Tuberculosis. Test is offered Mon, Tues, Wed, and Fri. Need to return within 48-72 hrs to have test read at no additional charge.

Fit for Duty Testing – $75
Job description-based fitness testing

Respirator Fit Testing – $45
Occupational testing‏ for qualitative respirator fit per OSHA guidelines.

SLED Background Checks – $35
Online SLED Background Check

Spirometry Testing – $45
Test used to determine lung function

Third Party DOT Randomized Drug Testing
Services offered through TeamCME allow DOT-regulated companies to be compliant with DOT drug testing laws. Varies by size of company