Life is full of responsibilities, and a major one is taking care of your health. In addition, though, is the responsibility to keep yourself healthy for others that come in contact with you. Whether it’s at school or in the workplace, immunizations are a personal responsibility that can’t be ignored. We come in contact with dangerous diseases all the time, but when we have the immunizations needed, these diseases don’t have to affect our bodies in the same way. And when we aren’t affected, we are less likely to carry these dangerous diseases to others as well. No matter what your lifestyle, immunizations are important and necessary, since it not only protects you, but it protects others.

Vaccinations help the body by introducing and triggering an immune response to a specific disease. The vaccine contains the same antigens or parts of antigens that trigger the disease; these are killed or greatly weakened, since the only intended effect is your body’s immune response. This allows your body to consistently defend against the disease before it ever gets introduced to the body in a major way. Staying on top of your immunizations is tedious, but it takes a weight off of your shoulders. By getting the needed vaccinations, you are protecting yourself from the dangers of diseases that run rampant in your everyday life. This means that you are safe from a certain disease for a period, and you can live life unimpeded by the dangers it may bring to its victims. Additionally, vaccinations are required to be a part of the community, since schools and places of work cannot take you on without verification of these medical requirements. Take the necessary steps today, and schedule an appointment to get your needed immunizations!
Immunizations in Columbia


Flu – $25 (offered seasonally)
Seasonal trivalent‏ flu vaccine

Hepatitis A – $65
Hepatitis A is a 2 shot series, required for some professionals and those traveling to certain countries.

Hepatitis B Vaccine – $80
Hepatitis B is a 3 shot series, required for healthcare workers and other professionals.

MMR – $90
MMR is a 2 shot series that protects against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.

Tdap Vaccine – $55
Booster is required for rising 7th graders.

Typhoid Vaccine – $100
Oral Typhoid vaccine is required for some international travelers.