Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

When people discover dysfunction in their bodies, many attempts to heal often target the symptoms first, without discovering the cause of the ailment. Digestive problems, chronic headaches, and other issues are often the focus of medicinal approach, rather than studied as a function of a more complex issue beneath the surface of a person.

Functional medicine is the practice of applying knowledge of the human body systems in tandem with environmental and medical history to determine the underlying causes of an illness. The use of medical knowledge and an accurate understanding of the stimuli that can cause a body to exhibit the symptoms a patient experiences. These stimuli can be environmental, genetic, or simply spurred on by the type of life that a patient continues to lead outside of the clinic. No matter where they come from, the effect is usually complex and can be long-term, causing all sorts of latent health problems. These health problems manifest with symptoms that can be treated individually, but they will not automatically give away the real issue with someone’s health. That issue, however complicated or chronic, needs to be discovered through an intensive look at the patient’s lifestyle and the reasons that these symptoms may be occurring now.

How functional medicine comes into the picture changes from person to person. However, it is often employed to help with chronic illness, or for the betterment of the entire quality of life for the patient in question. When functional medicine becomes the key focus of a patient’s treatment, the symptoms are no longer the main focus, and instead, the goal becomes the targeting of the root cause of those symptoms, whether it is a simple change of diet, a genetic abnormality, or a complex illness. This method allows practitioners to find the best way to solve the issues that patients run into when dealing with many types of chronic health issues. The best way to find out what is really ailing you is to dive head-on into the systems of your body with a well-formed understanding of how it’s affected by the stimuli in your life.

Functional Medicine


Our Approach

At Crescent Clinic, our approach is to build a strong understanding between you and your healthcare professionals. This understanding exists so that we can have the most accurate insights into the issues affecting your body and your health. We take the time to learn about your environmental stimuli, such as living conditions, as well as genetics, such as historical diseases in the family, and lifestyle habits, such as diet and activity level, to help come to the most accurate diagnosis possible. We’re not here just to treat your symptoms; we’re here to treat you, as a patient. By exploring and uncovering the roots of the health problems you have, we can help you to correct and even reverse the effects of these issues, bringing you and your body systems into a harmonious existence reinforced by the knowledge of what makes your body work best. We take into account a full knowledge of each body system’s interconnectivity with other systems, and how these connections bring about the function of a healthy body. We also focus on intelligently building a positive identity in health: rather than looking for the absence of illness, we prioritize an active hand in healthiness that can be exercised at length by patients in Columbia, SC. The entire system of functional medicine allows for a new approach to clinical assessment and treatment of the conditions that cause so much pain and confusion. If you are experiencing a chronic condition, chances are that there are factors playing into it. With our intentional approach to exploring your bodily systems, we can do everything to make sure that the treatments we find for you helps to address the underlying issues you’re experiencing, and not just the symptoms. In other words, our functional medicine emphasizes actual healing of the whole human body, instead of temporary cover-ups for localized pain or suffering. At Crescent Clinic, our first priority is finding the best way for you to live your life healthily and with confidence. Take us on and learn what we can do first-hand to bring your body balance and health in a more permanent way.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of functional medicine?
Functional medicine is highly beneficial for patients who have chronic illness and unexplained issues that seem to come back after initial treatment. Using the approach means that we are able to prioritize the health and well-being of all patients by looking for the best way to ease the bodily processes. This improvement to the body systems helps increase the quality of life as well as the lifespan of patients who have dealt with recurring or chronic health concerns.

Why do you need to know so much about me?
In our approach to exploring your body’s underlying root issues, we may ask about your lifestyle, about your living conditions, and about your family health. These factors and others can help us determine where an issue may be coming from, and why it’s causing you pain or concern. Each functional medicine patient in Columbia, SC is unique, and our approach emphasizes that uniqueness in order to discover solutions that are made for you. Our treatments will be well-defined based on your body’s specific needs and the way that you live your daily life!

Why not simply address what’s bothering me first?
The symptoms you feel may not be the only thing that’s causing your pain. Whether it’s a little pain, occasional nausea, or everyday insomnia, it’s important that we find out why it’s happening. Some people suffer certain symptoms thanks to a diet change, while others feel pain thanks to a latent genetic illness. Whatever the cause, there are ways to root out the issue and begin treatment, targeting the actual problem to mitigate future recurrences. Make sure to approach every issue with an understanding of your body and how functional medicine can help. You’ll be glad you did!

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