How Functional Medicine Can Help You Live a Healthy Lifestyle

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle and How Functional Medicine Can Help You Achieve That

According to studies, life span usually depends on the genes. While we are younger than 75 years, the genes influence 20% to 25% on longevity. Which means that the genes are what let us live longer. However, the rest of the influence depends on the ways we live our life.

In other words, you have the power to change how long you might live and what happens to our health. The choice is to live a healthy lifestyle. Based on a different study, a healthy lifestyle can prolong life expectancy and decrease premature death.

Certain diseases can create more than one imbalance in your system. This imbalance can affect your entire health. Imbalances like hormones, inflammation, diet, genetics, or gut flora, can cause harmful conditions. Each of them can affect your health in a negative way. Restoring balance is the key to solving the problem.

That’s what we will talk about. We will focus on how you can live a healthy life and what functional medicine has to do with it.


How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle?

The first thing about living a healthy life is taking control of your own actions. To live longer, you have to replace all your unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Here is a full list of all the important things you need to implement if you want to start a healthy lifestyle:

  • Give up smoking
  • Be active
  • Focus on a healthy diet
  • Get enough calcium and vitamin D
  • Have a healthy body weight
  • Overcome every challenge
  • Have people who support you
  • Check-in with your doctor regularly

Now we will talk about everything on this list in detail. The first thing that comes to mind is smoking. Smoking is a big negative influence on the system. So, it is imperative that you stop smoking.

Another thing is exercise. Being active every single day is important for the body. It keeps the system up and running. So, make sure to spend plenty of time exercising. A healthy lifestyle wouldn’t be healthy without a proper diet. You need one that is rich with fruits and veggies, proteins, and whole grains. You will want to avoid trans and saturated fats. Instead, choose something healthier liker polyunsaturated fats.

Some things that most people forget are calcium and vitamin D. These are crucial components for a healthy life. Your body shape also plays a major role. You need to maintain a healthy weight to avoid any heart problems or conditions. This might be a challenge. But, it is important that you overcome it if you want to be in control.

If you don’t think you can do it alone, you should find some support from family and friends. Improving your social network and creating strong relationships can be very motivational. To see how your overall health is doing, it is a good idea to visit your provider as often as you can. This way, you can keep your condition in check. So, take good care of your body if you want lasting results.

Benefits of Functional Medicine


What Does Functional Medicine Have to Do With This?

Have you taken medications, but they don’t work? Have you taken any medications only to see some results or potential side effects? In that case, you need functional medicine.

People can have different health conditions. Each health condition can affect their health in a unique way. It is not the same for everyone.

When you decide to start a healthy lifestyle, that doesn’t mean that all your health problems will simply go away. On the contrary, some of them may linger. People who have to deal with a certain type of disease can benefit from functional medicine. Some of these diseases or conditions are:

  • Skin problems
  • Hormonal issues
  • Digestive problems
  • Autoimmune illnesses
  • Cardiometabolic issues
  • Psychiatric conditions
  • Neurological conditions


How Can Functional Medicine Help?

Functional medicine has one goal, and that is to get your functions back on track. It focuses on restoring balance to your system for each individual. That means that every plan is specifically designed to fit a different person. These plans can include:

  • Supplements
  • Prescription medicine
  • Botanical drugs
  • Exercise
  • Diet changes
  • Different lifestyle routines
  • Dealing with stress
  • Detoxifying the body

Functional medicine focuses on the source of the imbalance. It takes care of the disease or tries to prevent any chronic issues from reappearing. As a result, every plan has something unique that it can offer each individual. That plan is specifically designed based on the patient’s condition or health.


What Does a Plan Include?

Every plan includes distinct lifestyle changes. Also, it includes protocols that pay attention to nutrition, stress relief, and proper medications. It can also include different types of exercises that can be helpful for that individual.

The plan includes different types of supplements that would aid the body and speed up the healing process. The goal of the plan is to help you live a longer life by living healthy. This type of medicine focuses on understanding the root of the problem. Practitioners will test everything to see what is causing you problems.

In other words, if functional medicine didn’t focus on the source of the problem, it wouldn’t have the results you are looking for. Functional medicine takes a more philosophical approach. They ask why this condition affects your health. After they determine the problem, they can address it. The idea is to reverse the issue to better-deal with the situation.



Functional medicine can be extremely useful if you want to start living healthy. If you are dealing with a certain type of health condition, it can be a good approach. You can contact your health care provider to ask which functional medicine services would be ideal for you or your condition. It is different for everyone.