Primary Care

For all the typical needs that a person might have to go to a clinic, there is primary care. For Crescent Clinic patients, the best primary care in Columbia, SC is the first line of defense against unidentified illnesses and health concerns that may or may not require additional medical attention. Made for the “undifferentiated” patient, primary care visits take on the undiagnosed issues that people come across. At Crescent Clinic, our primary care services also include health promotion, patient education, and counseling that revolve around maintaining health and preventing the onset of disease. We take pride in prioritizing health over temporary solutions, and we are happy to have some of the best primary care physicians in Columbia, SC.

Primary care physicians in Columbia, SC are available at Crescent Clinic, and this helps to establish cost-effective medical assistance by creating communication standards between patients and clinics. We allow and create opportunities for referral when needed, along with counseling to discuss such options. Finally, we coordinate healthcare services in a way that considers cost appropriately for the patient in a world where prices in healthcare continually seem to go up. Don’t wait to find out what help you need — visit us and get some primary care to ensure you’re in the best hands. Contact us now to schedule your visit for the best primary care in Columbia, SC today at Crescent Clinic!


Problem-Focused Exam – $60

Expanded Exam – $85-$115
Multi-system Exam
*Price is determined by the provider based on time spent with patient and time spent making subsequent referrals and/or follow up.
** The provider reserves the right to defer extensive visits based on the initial chief complaint.