Occupational Health

Many workplaces are hazardous or require much more than usual of people who work there. Whether the dangers and stressors are physical, chemical, or otherwise compromising, our goal is to help you identify these hazards and mitigate their effects on your well-being. In the workplace, it’s hard to avoid certain causes of illness and discomfort, but with our help you can be prepared to deal with the hazards in the best possible way, while maintaining your standard of health.

Crescent Clinic offers extensive training on work environment health hazards and the proper handling of these issues. From chemical hazards such as mercury and lead, to physical hazards such as electricity and loud noises, there is a right and a wrong way to navigate the hazards of the working world. We’re proud to offer you education on the proper way to handle these; our training and licenses in handling hazardous materials and situations within the work environment are supported by the NIEHS. We prepare working professionals to manage these hazards with the proper conduct to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

In addition to the handling of hazards in the workplace, we also provide medical services to employees who need physical examinations. Whether it’s a pre-employment physical for general needs or if it’s a DOT physical to help truck drivers meet their requisites for the job, we can take care of it! Our facilities are well-equipped to handle the needs that employees have to meet for the jobs they have.


DOT/CDL Physical Exam – $85
NRCME certified exam with laminated DOT medical card.

Pre-employment Physical – $50+
Physical Exam and completed paperwork

DOT Urine Drug Testing – $55
DOT-certified providers available Mon-Fri 8 am-5 pm

Instant Non-DOT Drug Testing – $45
10 panel urine drug test

DOT Breath Alcohol Testing – $45
Breath Alcohol Testing performed by DOT-certified technician.

Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Testing – $45
Pre-employment Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Testing

CAOHC-Certified Hearing Testing – $45
Copy of audiogram included

Eye exam by Certified Ophthalmologist – $85
Dr. Dean R. Jacobs comes to our clinic to provide this service on an appointment basis. Call ahead for your detailed eye exam!

PPD Test – $30
Tests for exposure to Tuberculosis. Test is offered Mon, Tues, Wed, and Fri. Need to return within 48-72 hrs to have test read at no additional charge.

Fit for Duty Testing – $75
Job description-based fitness testing

Respirator Fit Testing – $45
Occupational testing‏ for qualitative respirator fit per OSHA guidelines.

SLED Background Checks – $35
Online SLED Background Check

Spirometry Testing – $45
Test used to determine lung function

Third Party DOT Randomized Drug Testing
Services offered through TeamCME allow DOT-regulated companies to be compliant with DOT drug testing laws. Varies by size of company