Functional Medicine

Illness is a hard thing to encounter, but it is a part of life. Often, we know exactly where an illness comes from and how to treat it quickly. However, sometimes an illness will recur, due to underlying health problems. In these times, it’s important to deduce the cause of the recurrence and to find a solution for the real issue at hand. That’s why Crescent Clinic offers some of the most comprehensive functional medicine Columbia, SC has to offer.

In functional medicine, the root of recurring illness is the focus, and licensed professionals utilize their knowledge of the human body to find out why certain problems may be occurring. When a cause isn’t clear, they take the time to break down this knowledge of the body by its systems instead. By understanding how systems are meant to interact with each other, these medical professionals can also identify when a system is not interacting the way it’s designed to. When they learn what the issue is, they also figure out the optimal change for the body, based on what the system needs to be doing differently. This provides the practitioners with the knowledge to properly coach the patient in a lifestyle change.

The decline of the body’s systems and their functionality is typically the cause of chronic disease. By changing the behavior of these systems with a chosen course of action, the problems that are now present can be managed, mitigated, or cured with the appropriate lifestyle change. This is an important realization to the health industry, because it reduces the chances of recurring illness. In addition, clinicians use these changes to implement a health standard for the patient; this standard helps a patient to identify when something is wrong, and when the appropriate actions must be taken to ameliorate their symptoms along with the underlying condition responsible. To restore you to optimal health, reversing this condition and its effects is the best move. Cue the high quality functional medicine Columbia, South Carolina has to offer, all at Crescent Clinic. This practice involves a strong understanding of systems biology that is uniquely applied to each patient, based on lifestyle and environmental factors that affect their genetic functionality. With the right approach, a patient can reach a much better quality of life simply by correcting the systems responsible for the change in the first place.

Crescent Clinic is one of the practitioners of functional medicine Columbia, SC citizens have access to, and we offer high quality care and attention to the details. We will make sure that we look long and hard at your body’s needs and the way it performs so that you receive the best solutions and the best treatment for anything that ails you continuously. We delve deep into the things that can affect your health long-term, starting with the obvious things such as diet and genetic diseases in the family. After that, we take steps to understand the more elusive stressors within your environment, such as lifestyle habits and other possible introductions of causation. This allows us to better suggest what lifestyle change you need to make. By taking the time to discover these things about you, we can pinpoint with greater accuracy the issues that are causing you pain and discomfort. More importantly, we’ll be able to identify a course of action in response to the issues at hand. With Crescent Clinic, your standard for quality of life can increase greatly thanks to our comprehensive medical care and our understanding of functional medicine Columbia, SC citizens can rely on.

Reach out today and find out whether our approach can help you reach optimal health and a new standard on your quality of life! We look forward to bringing you the best that functional medicine Columbia, South Carolina professionals can offer.

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