DOT Services

Have you recently become an operator of commercial vehicles? Are you about to get to work out on the road? If so, you’ll need an important service done: your Department of Transportation health physical. Getting a DOT physical in Columbia, SC is easy thanks to Crescent Clinic, where we have the services available to perform truck driver physicals. As a truck driver in the U.S., you are required to take a DOT physical in order to do this rigorous work. Although it seems like there may not be much of a difference between drivers of standard vehicles and commercial vehicles, the differences that do exist are enough to warrant a special truck driver physical. This examination takes into account all of the prerequisites for being a commercial truck driver, including hearing and vision, blood pressure testing, and urinalysis for drug tests. With these factors taken into account, we can then issue a truck driver physical that officially approves your health as acceptable for driving. If you need to get a DOT physical in Columbia, SC, Crescent Clinic has you covered!

Your optimal health is of the greatest importance, because without it you can’t do your job properly. We work hard to make sure that you’re safe and healthy so that you can be safe on the road, too. With a DOT physical exam, you’ll be ready to hit the open road with your new job. Whether you’re ready to become a truck driver or simply want to be ready when you get an offer, getting your required DOT physical in Columbia, SC will put you a step ahead. Get prepared now with your own exam so you can get started!


DOT/CDL Physical Exam – $85
NRCME certified exam with laminated DOT medical card.

DOT Urine Drug Testing – $55
DOT-certified providers available Mon-Fri 8 am-5 pm

DOT Breath Alcohol Testing – $45
Breath Alcohol Testing performed by DOT-certified technician.

Third Party DOT Randomized Drug Testing
Services offered through TeamCME allow DOT-regulated companies to be compliant with DOT drug testing laws. Varies by size of the company